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Have more time to make strategic decisions
based on data, not gut feel.

You don’t have time to constantly sift through information that may or may not be relevant to your financial institution. You just need answers. With Stratezy, you can quickly access the right data – timely, accurate, and unique to your institution and local market.

Why you need Stratezy

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    Because you want to be the smartest institution around AND avoid costly mistakes

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    Because you want your competition to keep wondering how you beat them

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    You want a lot of things DONE FAST

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    You want it DONE RIGHT

How we do it

Assembled Multiple Data Sets: We assembled tens of thousands of different data measures from many sources (Census, Economic,Peer data, Labor, Local rates, etc.) into ONE Database. [Click here to see all Stratezy’s data sources.]
Normalized, Comparative Data: The data is normalized in Stratezy so you can compare days to weeks to months to quarters.
Constantly Updated Data Automatically: Our clients have access Online and ON DEMAND, 24/7.
Unique Measures: We enhance the data with ratios, trends analysis, and analytics only found in Stratezy.

What is Stratezy

Online Market Intelligence and Competitive Analytics: for Financial Institutions.
Subject Matter Templates: We have hundreds of pre-made templates customized to your institution on a wide variety of subject matters and best practices.
Open-Ended Research: Stratezy can also serve as a tool to help get your research and business intelligence complete (e.g.correlation of local census to local institution growth).

Sample Stratezy Templates – All templates are pre-filled with your institution’s data

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  • Unemployment-Map-at-County-final
  • Mortgage-Trends-final
  • Millennials-final
  • Demographic-Trends-final
  • employment-change-final
  • NIM2-final

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