Partner with Stratezy Services for actionable market intelligence to help your institution grow the smart way. With a Stratezy Services Market Analysis, you’ll see your market through a unique lens that includes local economic, demographic and competitive trends and analysis at the census tract level.

The Questions You Should Be Asking

  • How will we grow?
  • Do we really understand the dynamics of our market?
  • Should we expand our market presence?
  • Are our current branches in the right locations?
  • Do we really know who we are competing against?
  • Are economic and demographic trends hurting or helping us?
“Stratezy helped quickly identify new business opportunities in our market and in a prospective market. We were able to easily see gaps in the mortgage market helping us refine our business strategy. In today’s business environment, making the right decisions quickly is the difference between success and failure. Stratezy tipped the scales to success.”Cecilia Homison, CEO
First Commerce Credit Union

The Answers You Need

With a Stratezy Services Market Analysis you’ll be a step ahead of the competition and have the information you need to make smart decisions. NO MORE “gut feel” decisions. NO MORE guessing. Start knowing to start growing.

Below are just a few examples of the insightful pages from a Market Analysis.

Ready to Grow More? Then Know More.
Tell us how you want to get started.

Free Analysis
– The Stratezy team will prepare an analysis of the market area around one of your current branches for free. Just tell us which branch you would like to analyze and within a couple of days we’ll deliver a pdf report that contains information about:

Entire Market
– An analysis of your current market provides a review of your overall market, the market area around your existing branches, and the areas within your market where you don’t have a branch presence. This analysis will help you:

New Market
– Looking to expand into a new market? Start with a market analysis of the potential market(s). Building a branch is expensive. Make sure you do the proper due diligence before breaking ground. A market analysis will help you:

  • Population Demographics
  • Home Ownership
  • Housing Trends
  • Employment
  • Deposit Market Share
  • Mortgage Market Share
  • And much more!
  • Understand the forces and trends that may be hindering your growth
  • Assess your current branch infrastructure to find expensive branch overlap
  • Find gaps in your market coverage resulting in lost business opportunities
  • Understand the demographic profile of the market
  • Identify economic and demographic trends that could impact your decision
  • Compare the potential new markets to your existing locations